1. [Best Valuable speech about Invaluable Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center]

As the person who participated all the important processes in finding the best architect, best craftsmen, Elizabeth Mann told us how valuable each piece in the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center is! The craftsmen had the special ceremonies to build this center. This presentation was given at Phoenix City Council Meeting on September 12, 2017.


2. Relocation is demolition

Frank Zhang from AZAZ explained why relocation is demolition & discrimination for #Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center.


3. Why do we need to save the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center?

The 10-year old Joanna's speech impressed every Phoenix Council member and the audience on why to save Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center! --"one of the best speeches, you should not miss it!"

4. Sam Huang, a council member from city of Chandler, shared his thoughts that the public servants should truly respect the people and work for them.

5. Touching!

Yan Zhu, a school principal, CRIED in front of 200+ people at #Phoenix Council meeting 09/12 for the sake of saving Chinese Cultural Center.

6. Leonard Clark said: the whole world is Watching Phoenix!

7. Protest in front of Scottsdale based True North Companies


10.  Jennifer Yang provided lots of evidence & suggested #Phoenix City Council NOT to be FOOLED by True North Companies.


11. Two months of fight to save Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center from demolition