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1000 people RALLY to save the Chinese Cultural Center from Destruction!

The Chinese Cultural Center was built in 1997 as a joint effort among the developer, Arizona state government, Phoenix city government, and the Chinese American community. For years it has ranked top 12 Phoenix attraction and brought joys to the locals and visitors. The Center is the one of a kind in Arizona. It was designed and built in great authenticity, by the architect and artisans from China, with irreproducible handmade materials, using traditional techniques. The center could not be relocated without horrific loss. Relocation = Demolition!

Unfortunately the True North Companies, who purchased the center in conspiracy with the center’s general manager in a dirt cheap price, is in action to destroy and demolish the Center under the name of redevelopment.

It is disturbing that the Phoenix city has done nothing to stop such plan. The elected officials in the Phoenix city council have chosen to abandon the commitment the city made twenty years ago, and ignore the existing zoning stipulation that states the site’s intended use as a Chinese Cultural Center. They side with big business interests at the expense of cultural values and the public interest.

Let’s bring our communities together fighting corporate greed and preserving Arizona's culture and heritage! We ask all of you to join us on October 4th, 2017 to request the City of Phoenix to keep their promises, to follow the people’s will, and not to issue any destruction permit to the True North Companies.

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