11-year old Yuxuan Deng to speak at Phoenix City Council meeting to save Chinese Cultural center (10/18/2017)


Good afternoon council members,

I’m Yuxuan Deng and I’m 11 I go to Bahsa’s Accelerated Middle School.

The first time I heard about this crisis is at the beginning of August my mom told me and my brother that if we wanted to save this Chinese garden then we will need to hire a lawyer, so me and my little brother donated $200 from our salaries. I also wrote a letter to the mayor on August 13th about supporting us on preserving the center and how valuable and special the center is. I’ve been to 3 of the protests which was on August 13th the first protest, August 20th the second protest, and August 26th the Candlelight blessing of L ranch supermarket, it is a shame that on September 12th that I couldn’t go to the Hearing but I did manage to get all the speeches on YouTube, my favorite speech was Elizabeth Mann’s presentation. After listening to her speech, I learned that the Chinatown used so much of these highest qualitied construction materials, which is extremely surprising.

My mom went to all of the protests except one, but the most recent and frustrating protest on September 21st is when my mom and several other people went to pray to Guanyin , and when she and her friends were about to enter a Chinese restaurant at the center for lunch , a female patrol guard told my mom that she couldn’t stand there because it was private property, and she groundlessly accused that my mother will cause damage to the property; eventually my mom and her friends left without lunch due to her harassment, and that is how unreasonable True North has been. I wish I was there to protect my mom and reason with her, how can you interfere with the restaurant owner and customer’s rights to conduct normal business?

Here’s a question, would you prefer a mediocre headquarters for a casual company or would you want an antique Chinese garden that only exists in Arizona? The garden is very precious and unique as described Elizabeth Mann, because the specialized builders are already retired and unable to build these kinds of centers anymore. And its unique materials are no longer available. It’s also a historical site with a variety of agricultural styles from china and it will be the one and only Chinese garden that is this glorious and beautiful True North companies is trying to take away this historical beauty and replace it with an ordinary company HQ.

So, Which side do you choose? The cultural center of True North?

A while ago, I went to a shopping center at night to pass out flyers about our effort to save the garden. To my surprise, more people than not had already heard about it and they all expressed their support and they cannot understand why would someone destroy such a heritage and gift to humankind. They felt that this cultural center does not only belong to the Asians community, but to all Arizona residents and even the visitors from other countries and states, because it’s so rare and unique. History will record the infamy of those who destroy it for sure.

STOP!!! New owner! Don’t destroy this HeYuan full of Chinese Element!!!
STOP!!! Phoenix city Council, don’t give the license YGH or the Chinese Culture center will be ruined!!! STOP! STOP!! STOP!!!

Yuxuan Deng and his young brother Ryan Deng at the protest against demolition of Chinese Cultural Center on August 20, 2017

Yuxuan Deng and his young brother Ryan Deng at the protest against demolition of Chinese Cultural Center on August 20, 2017