8-year old Ryan Deng to speak at City of Phoenix Council meeting to Save Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center(10/18/2017)

Dear Mayor and The Phoenix City Council,

I’m Ryan Deng. I’m eight and a 3rd grader at Khalsa Montessori School in Phoenix.

Do you like vacation? Of course you do. You’ve probably been to Europe and others, but have you ever been to China or Asia? Do you know how much it costs to take a plane to Asia? Over one thousand dollars at least. Now that’s a ton. But have you realized how much you would spend for staying at a hotel, dining and so on? It might already eat up thousands of’ bucks (not yuans). Have you ever heard about the COFCO center at 668 N 44th Street, Phoenix, AZ? If you go there it is way cheaper because all you have to do is just use some gas, but it does break a bit of the ozone layer; still it’s better than having to ride a plane for a day or two.

The center was built by Chinese professional architects twenty years ago, and it took them months and years. And now the new owner plans on crushing it with bulldozers (maybe). It was really hard for the artisans and now there aren’t many good architects any more to build it so if it’s destroyed the percentage of a new one appearing somewhere else is somewhere around 10 percent. That’s not much! The beauty and culture of the center is really similar to the ones in China. In fact, the McDonald, Burger King, Starbucks, KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants in China are all decorated in a fancy Chinese way and the buildings are alike the COFCO center. But the center is also a bit more special than the real China. You know why? Because the center shows so many cool features like the Monkey King, Confucius, and the Pigsy statues.

I haven’t been there yet but I’ve heard about how beautiful a place it has grown in to. My mom has told me about it too! And I really wish I could go there after it reopens. But if it dies at the owner’s hands that would make me very disappointed and furious. Plus, if it gets saved we will make it an even better tourist attraction. So please help protect it.

Thank you for your attention.