Why is the Garden at the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center so precious?


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First: The pavilion at the Chinese Culture Center is mostly possible the only overseas replica (now and in the future) of the Pavilion of Surging Waves located in Suzhou, which was included in the World Heritage List in 2000. Chinese government has not allowed the Pavilion of Surging Wavers to be replicated overseas from then on. The technique used for the pavilion at the Chinese Culture Center in Phoenix is a very ancient Chinese technique, building without nails or screws. All connections of the pavilion happened by complex joinery techniques. The longer the pavilion stands, all wooden parts become more solid as a whole.

Second: Besides the materials for the pavilion, most of other materials for this center were imported from China as well 20 years ago. The materials are made by Chinese ancient/traditional techniques. For example, the tiles for the roof were made of clay which need to be soaked (on purpose) in ponds for tens of years; and then is sintered in traditional Chinese sintering ovens. Now, this kind of traditional Chinese sintering ovens are replaced by western modern sintering ovens. There are few manufacturers making this kind of roof tiles in China now.

Third: The carpentry used to build the center is from an ancient Chinese school, which has been lasted for hundreds of years and was used to build some imperial palaces in China hundreds of years ago. The carpenters who built the center were sent by Chinese government and their visas were granted by American embassy as a special case then for building the Chinese Culture Center in Phoenix. These carpenters were best carpenters in China then, and they become old or passed away now. The carpentry is also vanishing in China since the modern technologies enter China.

The following link is for an article and pictures about the Chinese Culture Center, written by a tourist from China. She/He was so impressed by the beauty of the center, and said the center has small but excellent replicates of the attractions in China, which makes her/him feel still staying in China and let her/him remember the stories and histories behind the (original) attractions. All the pictures in the link were taken at the Chinese Culture Center. I copied some of the pictures in the attachment in case you cannot open the link.

As a summary, I would like to emphasize that the Chinese Culture Center is a precious treasure to Phoenix city and to USA. Through the Chinese Culture Center, China sent its ancient architectures and histories to USA (and Phoenix). I really think that the Chinese Culture Center in Phoenix is such a beauty which we should keep well and pass down from generation to generation. 
The following links are for some of the original attractions that the Chinese Culture Center in Phoenix replicates from, just for your reference (yes, the webpages are in Chinese, please use google translate)

#1 : The original attraction in China: Pavilion of Surging Waves (was built 1000 years ago)


#2: Original attraction in China: Autumn moon over the calm lake (the name is for a famous song and this attraction) . The attraction is an national attraction/garden in China.


#3: Original attraction in China: Gate to Confucius Temple in NanJing, which was a most famous university in China for thousand years.


#4: Original attraction in China: “Small Yingzhou”. “Yingzhou” is a place described in ancient Chinese legend two thousand years ago. “Small Yingzhou” was protected and extended from hundreds years ago.