Press Release: Prominent Arizona Spine Surgeon Joins Fight to Save the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center

For Immediate Release:

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Chinese United Association of Greater Phoenix, CUAGP

Phone:  (480) 758-2863

Phoenix, Arizona:  The most prominent spine surgeon in the southwest has joined the fight to ‘Save the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center.’  Dr. Anthony Yeung, Senior Associate at Desert Institute for Spine Care (DISC), announced his support to the preservation effort today after meeting with several representatives who are battling to save the Center.  

“This support is crucial to our effort to preserve the Center,” said Thomas Simon, Spokesman for Chinese United Association of Greater Phoenix (CUAGP), an umbrella non-profit that represents over 29 Asian-American non-profits in the Phoenix area. “Dr. Yeung is a leader in the community, and his success in the medical field is well documented.  Adding his support is a strong signal to every successful Asian-American that it’s time to get off the sidelines and fight for equal rights and fair treatment,” said Simon.

Dr. Yeung will speak at a special conference and dinner this Friday, April 20, 2018, to be held at the Beijing Garden Restaurant, located in the Chinese Cultural Center.  The seating will begin at 7PM, and Dr. Yeung will address an audience of successful Asian-Americans in a Key-Note Speech at 8:30PM.  The title of Dr. Yeung’s address:  Chinese Americans in Arizona and Their Responsility to Save the Chinese Cultural Center.

According to Dr. Yeung, he decided to support the effort after discovering that “this is a property rights issue.  We’re talking about the property rights of a Chinese American,” said the surgeon, “and that’s something we can all understand.”   

Speaking directly about the Investment Banker David Tedesco and his desire to destroy the Center, Dr. Yeung did not mince words:  “What Tedesco is trying to do is a direct affront to every minority property owner in the state, and particularly to all Asian Americans. He must be stopped,” he added.
Chinese Americans in Arizona 

The Doctor is expected to attend the eviction trial for Beijing Garden Restaurant on Monday at 9 AM, to be held at the the Maricopa County Courthouse, East Court Building, 101 West Jefferson, Courtroom 813, Phoenix, AZ 85003.


Press Release: Valley Ho Hotel, Scottsdale Protest to Urge Saving Chinese Cultural Center

For Immediate Release:

Protest at the Valley Ho Hotel in  Scottsdale. Chinese-Americans Wiill Protest the Visit by True North subsidiary Passport Health to the Valley and Ask the Franchisees To stop Their Owner from Destroying the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center.  

For further information:  

Scottsdale, AZ:   A protest is planned for Wednesday morning at the Valley Ho Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona, the site of a franchise meeting between Investment Banker David Tedesco  and his franchisees from True North subsidiary Passport Health.   

Passport Health, along with Realty Executives and Pump It Up (Fun Brand) is an investor in the 97 units purchased at the Chinese Cultural Center by Tedesco almost a year ago.   Since then, he’s been trying to systematically destroy the Center and replace it with another regular office building.  He wants to move Passport Health into the Center, along with his other companies, and push the Chinese businesses out. 

The protesters plan to be available to talk with and educate the Passport Health employees on the precious  nature of the Chinese Cultural Center. They do not believe that True North has told them what they are trying to do to the Center, and they hope explaining to the investors and franchisees what is happening to the property will inspire the good hearts of the Paassport Health employees to pressure David Tedesco into stopping the destruction  of the Center, while at the same time protecting the Passport Health brand.

The protest will begin at eight a.m..

WHAT:  Protest to Save the Chinese Cultural Center and to educate visiting Passport Health investors, franchisees and employees.

WHEN:  Wednesday, April 4, 1018, 8 to 10 AM

WHERE:  Valley Ho Hotel, 69th Street and Main Street, Scottsdale, AZ.

For further information:

Chinese United Association of Greater Phoenix
(480) 758-2863

AZCentral: Arizona Court of Appeals halts remodel of Chinese Cultural Center in Phoenix


The iconic roof and other Chinese elements of the Chinese Cultural Center in Phoenix won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

A three-member panel of the Arizona Court of Appeals on Thursday reversed an order from a lower court that would have allowed construction on the center.

The halt to construction is a victory for Chinese Americans fighting to maintain the center's design. 

Late last year, a Maricopa County Superior Court judge lifted a temporary construction ban on the Chinese Cultural Center, which would have allowed the center's new owners to move forward with removal of its roof and Chinese elements.

USNEWS: Court Blocks Demolition of Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center

The Arizona Court of Appeals is prolonging an injunction preventing a construction company from altering the exterior of Phoenix's Chinese Cultural Center.

Feb. 1, 2018, at 6:33 p.m.

PHOENIX (AP) — The Arizona Court of Appeals is prolonging an injunction preventing a construction company from demolishing the exterior of Phoenix's Chinese Cultural Center.

The three-judge panel granted a stay Thursday, reversing a lower court's order lifting restrictions on altering the plaza's iconic tile roof and prayer garden.

Attorneys for the owners of a restaurant in the commercial complex say the injunction will stay in place while their appeal continues, which could take as long as a year.

Preservationists and members of the Chinese community say the exterior should be preserved.


Changes to Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center Blocked for Now

A three-judge panel of the Arizona Appeals Court has blocked lower court rulings that would have allowed a construction company to make changes to the distinct exterior of Phoenix's Chinese Cultural Center.


PHOENIX (AP) — A three-judge panel of the Arizona Appeals Court has blocked — at least for now — lower court rulings that would let a construction company make changes to the distinct exterior of Phoenix's Chinese Cultural Center.

The judges on Wednesday stayed enforcement of a Dec. 1 Maricopa Superior Court decision lifting restrictions on the commercial complex, a move that could have allowed alterations to begin.

Members of the Asian community say the center's Chinese-style exterior design should be preserved. 

Chinese Cultural Center is worth protecting

by Annie Morgan @Arizona Republic

The new owners of the Chinese Cultural Center are planning on converting the center into an office building, and all the Chinese elements are to be stripped. I’m very sad, and innumerable Arizona residents are equally sad. We’d like to voice our strongest opposition.

We need to keep the Chinese center as it is. I would like to point out three main reasons.

History/Culture: Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center was built 20 years ago with a goal to elevate Phoenix to becoming an international city. It is one of the best Chinese cultural centers in North America.

Full article:


Why Chinese Cultural Center supporters are alleging religious discrimination


PHOENIX - Converting Phoenix’s Chinese Cultural Center into a corporate complex would amount to desecrating a house of worship, according to Chinese-Americans who are alleging religious discrimination by the center's new owners.

Chinese community carries on concurrent suits in further attempts to save cultural center


PHOENIX - Members of Arizona’s Chinese community are facing an uncertain resolution when it comes to the future of their beloved cultural center. On Tuesday, a federal judge decided not to grant the Arizona Foundation for Chinese Religious Rights, or AFCRR, an injunction it sought halting any new construction on the site.

Phoenix Chinese center backers prepared to fight for history

To a Chinese-American group fighting to preserve a cultural center in Phoenix, it's the history that matters most.

"The Chinese people appreciate and understand history like no other civilization on earth," Thomas Simon, spokesman for the Chinese United Association of Phoenix, told China Daily. "History is extremely important to the Chinese community. To us here in America, we have 250 years of history. The Chinese talk about 4,000 to 5,000 years of history."

Lawsuit filed to stop demolition of Chinese Cultural Center

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - A lawsuit was filed on Monday in hopes of saving the Chinese Cultural Center in Phoenix.The lawsuit claims religious rights were violated, along with the 14th Amendment and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, among other laws. It asks a federal judge to stop the demolition of the center.