About the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center and Our Mission


The Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center, also known as the COFCO center, was built by the first owner with help from community volunteers and donations from local Chinese immigrants with support from the City of Phoenix government. Special materials and supplies were brought from China, and skilled workers from China spent years making this one of the most beautiful Chinese Cultural Centers in North America. The names of donors are engraved in the Wall of Honor, and it has become a Phoenix landmark, and part of Arizona's history.

The new owner, True North Companies, is planning to remove all features connected with Chinese culture and history from the exterior of the buildings to create standard "modern" office buildings. While they have recognized the historical importance of the Center and has offered the garden artifacts that will be removed, we want to save the Chinese Cultural Center as a whole. It would be impossible to fully disassemble and restore the center's heritage at another location.


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