On October 6th Friday, a public news report from True North received some attention. The Association has been advised that some observers believe this is an offer of negotiations for the sale of the site of the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center and Garden.

The Association would welcome a clear indication to former Mayor Phil Gordon that the current owner is now interested in selling and desires negotiations, which of course will not be conducted in public.

Apparently some clarifications are needed regarding certain comments or views being expressed or circulating in the public.

First, when the Association is assured that sale is offered and it is possible to commence negotiations, the Association is willing to consider a gesture of good faith such as an escrow account for the $13 million suggested in our second Letter of Intent which was rejected. To doubt that the Chinese community can readily proceed to a purchase is of course intended to disparage. When the new owner is serious and sincere about selling, we will be quite ready.

Second, that $13 million is the maximum amount and, furthermore, it is likely to diminish. The purchase by True North was on an as is basis; our purchase would of course be the same. If the supermarket space has been damaged, as is requires an appropriate adjustment.

Third, business and legal expenses naturally rise until sale is offered and negotiations get underway. Naturally these are borne respectively.

Fourth, some have wondered if there might be legal implications from the Proposition 207 language. A notion seems to be held by the new owner that his desired elimination of the Chinese Cultural Center will cause his FUTURE value in the site to rise $30 million, as expressed from the very first personal contact. The clear intent of Proposition 207 is to deter government and public authority from diminishing CURRENT and ACTUAL value of private property, presumably documentable.

In effect, the Chinese community is being asked to pay for PIE IN THE SKY; the City is being threatened for any possible diminution of such a PIE. The site is as it is; nothing else is of interest to any sane buyer.

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