Supporting the preservation of Chinese Cultural Center in Phoenix, Arizona from Chinese American Alliance


Chinese American Alliance (CAA), a nationwide organization striving to foster dialogue and ensure fair opportunities among all Americans, today expresses deep concern about the Phoenix Chinese Cultural in the face of demolition.

The Chinese Cultural Center represents a unique and cohesive craftmanship which is almost extinct nowadays. This Chinese classic building compound was designed and made in parts in China by top class architect with the original building technique used in building the Forbidden City in Beijing. After shipping to U.S. by parts, the building was assembled by workers from both countries.

This building of itself and the forming process is a true symbol of cross culture dialogue. Despite the opposing voice and multiple protests from local Chinese Americans, this classic and artistic Chinese culture center may soon be demolished by the misfortune of irreparable regret.

We, CAA now call on all our allied organizations, civil societies and everyone who value the diversity of this great nation to support the efforts of local Chinese Americans and to protect the Cultural Center. We will work hand-in-hand together in this fight.


Chuck Li, President of CAA

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