Press Release: The Szechwan Palace Restaurant Files a Motion to Reconsider with the Maricopa County Court

For Immediate Release

Date: December 1, 2017



Motion to Reconsider in the Chinese Cultural Center TRO case filed tonight.  The owner of the Szechwan Palace Restaurant fights back by filing a Motion to Reconsider with the same court that ruled against it earlier today.

In the filing the restaurant claims the Court erred in failing to recognize that destruction of the iconic roof and garden at the Center interferes with the restaurants right to do business.

The ruling earlier today calls for ending the Temporary Restraining Order protecting the roof, garden and Chinese elements at the Center.  If the Court fails to change its position the TRO will cease on December 11, 2017, paving the way for the Center to be demolished.

This is the first response from the restaurant since this morning’s ruling.  They are prepared to go to the Arizona Appellate Court for relief shout the lower Court refuse to reverse itself.

For more information: 480-758-2863