CITIZEN VOICE – “Save the Chinese Cultural Center!”


News Release      October 16, 2018

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Beginning on Saturday, October 13, David Tedesco began wholesale destruction of iconic imperial style tile roofing on the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center.  (Earlier in October, the pretext offered to our community legal representative was that 3 “small leaks” needed immediate attention, and this was agreed to – explicitly only for just that, nothing else.)  Hundreds of square feet as well as roof trim were smashed by the roofers on Saturday and the morning of Monday.


This is a clear violation of the Arizona Court of Appeals protection to the site awaiting legal hearing, re-scheduled to be in effect from mid-June.  A Court Order has been issued and served; there should not be further damage under penalty of being in contempt of court.  To the extent that workmen are on site, it will be to clean up and remove damages.  


We have retained forensic construction expert by Court Order to examine how much banditry has occurred and in due course both the roofing firm and True North/668/David Tedesco will be liable for the cost of wanton illegality.


Community members have been on site and extensive photographic record exists now of this defiance of the law. A preliminary assessment of the situation is that, while the tile roofing is precious, it was not even with some damaged tiles a likely source of leaking.  There are 5 layers of asphalt sealing underneath the tile – essentially none of it needed to be removed.  True North Vandalism is exact.


It is a supreme irony that construction fencing is needed to “prevent Chinese vandalism of the site” when, from July of 2017 and by the first City permit sought in autumn last year, this has always been the intention of David Tedesco in any guise by any means.


While this is indeed illegal, it is civil and perhaps not criminal violation (until the Court decides), so the City of Phoenix police on site were unable to intervene until the Court Order was served.  We Chinese American citizens can have confidence that the legal/judicial system will discipline and punish evil-doers.


In this political season, all Chinese American and other citizens of Phoenix must take heed.  We must remember that the price of liberty is vigilance.


M. Cheak Yee,

English Spokesman