10 Important Questions to City of Phoenix


In the past, City of Phoenix already demolished two ChinaTowns for the development.

Now the 3rd Chinatown, the most beautiful Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center, is being demolished, after the developer True North Companies donated $90K+ political donations: $75,750 to Mayor Candidate Kate Gallego; and $5,400 to former mayor Greg Stanton.

Can you see a PATTERN here?


10 Important Questions to City of Phoenix:

1. The Chinese Cultural Center is a commercial condominium currently with 2 owners who each have an undivided interest in the Common Area. Why has the City Zoning Dept. ignored the other owner interests, and take a position to support one owner to harm the other?


2. The Chinese Cultural Center's zoning stipulations/restrictions require among other things

 (A)  property owner's association to exist in perpetuity to care for Phoenix's Third Chinatown.

(B) “The public art program" approved by the City and its Arts Commission. Why is the City ignoring these zoning requirements, given the facts the Chinese community has continuously reminded the City of such zoning existence?


3. City issued a "permanent" hold for all permits on the Chinese Cultural Center. Only 3 high ranking officers could approve any permit. Neither the Zoning Director nor the Historic Preservation Director approved the roof permit which is now being used to destroy the Chinese roof, and why the permit was issued during the court injunction order over the roof change, when city could easily avoided such action .



4. The Chinese Cultural Center is part of another commercial condominium called the COFCO Phoenix Center. Why is the City and the COFCO Phoenix Center ignoring its zoning stipulations/restrictions to maintain the visible art of the Chinese Cultural Center without a plan for a replacement?

 5. The City is allowing Arizona's 3rd Chinatown to be destroyed ignoring community protests. Why does one lone developer have such power, given the facts that he does shares the property with an unwilling Chinese minority owner? And given the facts that the developer and his wife both contributed $12,700 each to Kate Gallego, but the City manager called such contribution legal, described the Mayoral election Cycle as two cycle, when AZ campaign law stated it as one cycle for one election. Does the City not consider this to be influence or even  collusion by the developer and Kate Gallego?



6. The City has a plan called Reinvent Phoenix.  Does that plan call for the destruction of Phoenix 3rd Chinatown which City helped to build and supported in the last 20 year, and proudly listed in all City’s website and City maps?


7. The City's Plan for economic growth states a goal of making and maintaining livable Village cores with diverse neighborhoods. How can the elimination of a Chinese neighborhood with retail shops, a market, business offices and herbal shops comply with that goal? Its replacement is an ordinary office building that has no life after working hours. It is not a neighborhood, and was objected by over 100 neighborhood families.



8. Can a City be truly international if it continues to ignore its Chinese American community who have been here 165 years ago, and have helped to build Phoenix from its early days?


9. Do you want a City that supports all of its citizens and gives every citizen a beautiful diverse city or do you want a City that caters to developers?

10. Significant changes in zoning requires a public hearing for community input. Why has there been no pubic hearing to approve the destruction of the Chinese Cultural Center, and with the Public Art elimination, use change from Retail/office to a only office building?