Super L Ranch Market Motions Court to Sanction True North and David Tedesco for Anti-SLAPP Law Suit


For Immediate Release

When:        Monday-February 12, 2018

Time:         10:30 AM

Where:       Maricopa County     

                   Superior Court

                   101 West Jefferson    

                   Street, 7th Floor

                   Courtroom 711

                   Judge LeMaire

What:        Motion to Dismiss

                 Arguments by Super L. 

                 Ranch Market (Chinese

                 Cultural Center) Attorney 

                 Jack Wilenchik in Anti-

                 SLAPP Case Brought 

                 by True North and David


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Phoenix, AZ:  Arguments in a Phoenix courtroom this morning in what is being called an Anti-SLAPP Motion to Dismiss against True North Companies, one of two owners of the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center.  Attorneys for Charlie Lai, the owner of Super L. Ranch Market will ask the court to dismiss a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP) filed against him by True North.


According to the Lai's Attorney, Jack Wilenchik, the grocer spoke before the Phoenix City Council on September 12, 2017,  in support of a "Citizen Petition" related to preserving the Chinese Cultural Center.  In his speech to the Council, Mr. Lai told them that based on his own experience, True North was not trustworthy or acting in "genuine good faith."  He was trying to tell the Council members not to be deceived by True North or their proposal.  True North sued Mr. Lai for defamation on the basis of six statements he made in his eight minute, eighteen second speech to the Council.  (Speech is available on line at:  One of the statements objected to by True North hit too close to home, as Mr. Lai stated, based on his experience with them:  "So from the beginning to the end, and to our last day, they were...they were lying."


Pursuant to the Anti-SLAPP law in Arizona, a lawsuit may not be brought to prevent or deter someone from exercising their Constitutional Right to Free Speech before a Governing Body.  In this case, Lai's attorneys maintain that everything their client said was true and the only purpose of True North's Complaint is to intimidate Mr. Lai in connection with another law suit in which the Super L. Ranch Owner has named them in, as well an attempt to quash Mr. Lai's Free Speech rights.


In addition to asking the court to dismiss True North's Complaint, Lai's attorneys are asking for reasonable attorneys fees and costs, as well as damages of up to five-thousand dollars.




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