Fight to Save Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center

The real story of History and Culture in Phoenix, and an investment banker's attempt to Destroy it.

DATELINE, Phoenix, AZ: David Tedesco and his partners bought 97 commercial condominium units at the Chinese Cultural Center, but they have been ignoring other owners’ rights, in a fictitious attempt to eliminate the landmark Chinese Cultural Center by acting like they bought the entire property. This is not true! Here is “The Real Story.”

On Monday, April 16, 2018 a Maricopa County Judge will oversee a jury as it hears an eviction case between Beijing Garden Restaurant and 668 North, LLC, a company owned by Investment Banker David Tedesco of Scottsdale. (Tedesco is also the managing partner of True North Company, Realty Executives, Passport Health and Pump It Up-Fun Brand.) At the root of the case is who has rightful possession of the restaurant property, located in the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center. The restaurant has a 5 year option, which they have exercised…Tedesco is refusing to accept that option.

In the past three weeks, Tedesco and his operatives have tried to forcibly evict the restaurant from the space where they have done business for the past 5 years. They have cut the phone and internet lines (4) times, and in the middle of the lunch hour, while kitchen workers were prepping food with sharp knives, women were using the restroom and patrons were eating in the Dining room, they cut the electrical power and locked the APS box. In the middle of the night, they hoisted a crane to the top of the building and stole the restaurant’s furnace and blower to prevent them from cooking food. Then they called the Phoenix Fire Department and falsely reported that there was smoke filling up the building and that customers were complaining.

Unable to force the restaurant out, they turned food delivery trucks away, attempted to lock the front door with a chain while workers were still inside, and even filed trespassing charges against the restaurant and their agents. None of this produced the results such thuggish behavior expected, so now we wait for court.

This is just the latest chapter of a saga that began last August when members of the community learned that Tedesco who had purchased part of the Chinese Cultural Center intended to destroy the Chinese elements and iconic roof and garden at the Center and replace it with another standard office building. The investment banker’s plan is to evict the Chinese businesses and put his own companies, Realty Executives, Passport Health and Pump It Up-Fun Brand in their place. But the community and the other owner of the property have different ideas.

If you have followed this case at all, you probably know that David Tedesco, True North Company, Realty Executives, Passport Health and Pump It Up-Fun Brand thought they could run roughshod over the Chinese American community.

They were wrong. Over and over again, Tedesco and his band of thugs have lost court battle after court battle (there is currently a STAY as ordered by the Arizona Appellate Court preventing them from tearing down the iconic Chinese roof, the outside Chinese elements at the property, or from altering or destroying the Prayer Garden).

Last week, they asked Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Christopher Whitten to throw the restaurant out, but as has happened so many times before, they were rebuffed. They have made it clear that if they can’t get approval to destroy the Chinese Cultural Center on the merits, they intend to wage continual court battles in order to financially bleed the smaller businesses to economic death. They will not succeed.

Szechwan Palace Restaurant owns the property in the Center where it does business, and they have no intention of seeing the property they bought turned into just another office park. They have property rights under Prop. 207, and they intend to exercise those rights as a property owner. Despite the fact that they own their property and an undivided interest in all the common areas on the property, Tedesco has directed the property management to rekey the doors to the common areas and the roof and they are now refusing to give Szechwan Palace a key, despite their clear right to have one as an owner, not renter, of the property. The restaurant has filed suit against Tedesco and his partners to keep them from tearing down the Center, and they are expected to head back to court this week to have the investment banker told to give up the key to the common areas. STANDBY!

We invite you to support the effort to “Save the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center.” Please visit our web site at:, call us at 480-758-2863, or email us at:

Thomas Simon is the Publicist for Chinese United Association of Greater Phoenix, Super L Ranch Market, Szechwan Palace Restaurant.

On the Next part, please find 10 Questions we ask of David Tedesco, of True North Company, Realty Executives, Passport Health and Pump It Up-Fun Brand. These are questions of the heart, questions that must be answered!

Best wishes, and thank you for your support!!


10 Questions We Ask David Tedesco Managing Partner of True North, 668 North, Realty Executives, Passport Health and Pump It Up (Fun Brand):

1). As the other owner of the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center, don’t you think Szechwan Palace Restaurant, which has been operating there long before you, is also protected by Prop.207?

2). As the other owner of the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center, the Szechwan Palace Restaurant has the equal rights to enjoy and access the common areas of the community. Why do you lock down the Chinese Prayers Garden, without his consent? Don’t you understand that you are not the sole owner there?

3). The other owner, Szechwan Palace restaurant, has non-dividable interests in every piece of the roof tile and every piece of Chinese elements in the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center. Your forceful demolishing and removal of these Chinese elements without the other owner’s agreement show your arrogant and disrespectful attitude toward small business and minority groups. Shouldn’t you be ashamed that you damage your image and reputation

4). Who gave you the authority to block the other owner, Szechwan Palace from accessing and cleaning their exhaust hood, which is a safety issue for an operating restaurant? Where is their property rights?

5). The other Chinese restaurant in Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center, Beijing Garden (BJG), has been a tenant for 6 yrs. They exercised their option to extend their lease seven months ago. If you believe their renewal is invalid, why can’t you get a court eviction order?

6). Without the court eviction order, who gave you the right to repeatedly cut off Beijing Garden’s phone line 4 times in a week? What kind of business image are you depicting?

7). Without the court eviction order, who gave you the right to dismantle the fire exhaust fan of BJG, and bully its employees from restoring it? Don’t you know you have intentionally created a fire hazard environment which puts BJG’s employees and customers lives at risk?

8). Without a court eviction order, who gave you the right to steal BJG’s APS utility account and change it to your name and order a power disconnection to the restaurant? Don’t you understand honesty is the foundation of a business?

9). Do you think the FAKE leases that you used to secure the mortgage loan with Enterprise Bank are beyond the reach and arm of the law?

10). What makes you believe you are above the law?