The Chinese American Community throughout metropolitan Phoenix have a question for this Candidate for Mayor of Phoenix who debate today – The Maximum Allowed Cmpaign Contributions at $85,000 from David Tedesco/True North/668 (with associates and wives) Shows Strong Support For You Alone – Why -- For What Promised Favor? (Available campaign finance data is the source.)

Candidate Gallego was City Councilwoman for the district of the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center and Garden when David Tedesco/True North received and renewed City Permits to fence and to destroy the iconic roofline of this iconic landmark for metropolitan Phoenix for the last 20 years.

Candidate Gallego never visited or consulted with the hardworking employees and minority business owners who were being abused and driven out by David Tedesco/True North for months since July 2017, especially in the face of the equal rights of the other condominium owner on site still actively operating as Szechwan Palace Restaurant (where patronage of everyone is of course essential).

Citizen voters and media organizations ought to investigate two related matters on this one question.

First, was there any quid pro quo or promises of future benefit from Candidate Gallego as the next Mayor? Second, how much in scarce funds of the City Budget is now allocated/involved with the legal proceedings that David Tedesco/True North inevitably engendered by their hostile intentions –CV 2017-012173, CA-CV17-0727, CA-CV18-0301 and CV2018-00752 as well as in a Federal action by CV17-00315-DJH. It clearly appeared that the City repeatedly chose to ignore its own zoning stipulations on the property, as well as a public arts program requirement for the site in showing such favoritism.

In this political season, citizens of Phoenix must take heed. We must remember that the price of liberty is vigilance.

M. Cheak Yee,
English Spokesman