RE: Kate Gallego- Tedesco Group/True North interests group caused City bias against Chinese Minority property owner/business owner interests in Chinese Cultural Center and its Public Art program

-An undisclosed 7% donation (up to $75,000) to Kate Gallego, by Tedesco Group/True North companies

- Chinese Cultural Center, another victim of Political donation scandal?


Facts and Data:

1.     True North Companies LLC is the owner of 668 North LLC, which purchased the 97 out of 102 Units of a Commercial Condo in Chinese Cultural Center in June 9, 2017, that is located in Council woman Gallego’s district.


2.     City of Phoenix issued and renewed fence and roof replacement permits to allow 668 North LLC who is only one condo owner to harm the other condo owner’s property rights and his undivided common area interest. These actions by the City led to numerous lawsuits between the two condo owners, (CV 2017-012173, CA-CV17-0727, CA-CV18-0301 and CV2018-00752) and caused a federal lawsuit by AZ Chinese Religious Foundation against City of Phoenix (CV17-00315-DJH).   It is unknown why the City chose not to enforce its own zoning stipulations and public art program requirements in place and enforced on the Chinese Cultural Center since 1997.


3.     As the Councilwoman for the Chinese Cultural Center district, Ms. Gallego has been unresponsive to the Phoenix Chinese community’s efforts to save the Chinese Cultural Center and she has not responded to many Chinese Groups request for meeting, with respect to the proposed destruction of the Chinese Cultural Center which has been a Phoenix landmark for 20 years. 


4.     A recent discovery into Ms. Gallego’s campaign financing, showed Ms. Gallego has benefited from 668 North LLC and its owner David Tedesco and his various companies during the same time City of Phoenix was making these permit decisions on the Chinese Cultural Center. The total donation she received accounts for more than $75,000, that makes True North/668 North LLC/Tedesco her largest donor for almost  8% of her total Campaign funding.  


5.     Did Ms. Gallego have to disclose this information to the City Council or recused herself from voting on any matter regarding the Chinese Cultural Center, for example, the City’s council’s denial of the Petition to Save the Chinese Cultural Center?


6.     This recent discovery into Ms. Gallego’s campaign financing also showed that Mr. Tedesco and his officers in 668 North LLC/True North and their spouses, all made maximum contributions to only one candidate without disclosing their relationships to Mr. Tedesco and his companies as those members are all executives indicated on True North Companies’ website.  


7.      Ms. Gallego needs to explain why she appears to favor one private property owner over another property owner and why she does not want to hear the concerns of her Chinese American constituents who want to save the Chinese Cultural Center as approved and sanctioned by the City of Phoenix since 1997.

Ms. Gallego is not qualified for City Mayor Position!

She did not show the “integrity and Moral standards” expected to be a public servant of City Councilwoman,  it is very dangerous to give her the power of the Mayor

Ms. Gallego owns City of Phoenix and its residence an full disclosure of her campaign financing from the interests group

Ms. Gallego must Endorse Clean Election Bill

Stop Ms. Gallego from trading Phoenix Public Art Program implementation in Chinese Cultural Center for her gain Campaign Financing from True North Companies LLC is the owner of 668 North LLC and David Tedesco Group