Press Release: The “Real” Truth on Chinese Community Effort and Property Rights

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The “Real” Truth on Chinese Community Effort and Property Rights
(Here’s the Money…Where’s True North?)

CONTACT: Thomas Simon
Phone: 480-758-2863


January 5, 2018–In the last three months, True North has engaged in a public campaign to lead the local community to believe the Chinese Community should stop protesting, since they cannot come up with the funds to purchase, and that proposition 207 only protects the private property rights of investment bankers like them. 

The Chinese community today wants to expose the truth with hard evidence:

1.     Here is the money, where is True North?

We have the money and are ready to show it but True North is not sincere about public claims to meet with us.

True North purchased the property on June 9th, 2017 for 10.5 million, with a 9.6 million mortgage and less than a 900,000 cash investment. 

On August 29, the Chinese United Association of Greater Phoenix (CUAGP) delivered its first Letter of Intent to True North, offered them a 500,000 profit on their 2 month investment, and promised a thirty day cash closing.  This Letter of Intent was never answered by True North.

On September 18, the Chinese United Association delivered its 2nd Letter of Intent to True North, offered them a 2.5 million profit on their 3 month investment, and promised a thirty day cash closing.  This letter was officially turned down by True North.

On October 25, 2017, the Chairman of a publicly listed Chinese Company flew from China to Phoenix and, accompanied by two other Chinese executives, delivered the 3rd Letter of Intent to True North, offering them close to 3 million dollars profit on their four month investment, and an immediate 1 million dollar cash deposit in an escrow account, along with a 30 day cash closing.  (True North was provided the evidence of verified bank letters and bank deposited funds that will be used for its closing, plus a Letter of Intent representing a new higher offer.)  These three executives waited at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Phoenix for 2 days, and True North refused to meet with them. 

Please note, the 3rd Letter of Intent was facilitated by Phoenix Councilman Sal DiCiccio.  After his office contacted Investment Banker David Tedesco, the owner of True North,  and requested a face-to-face meeting between the buyer and seller, the Tedesco made several demands, including the buyer’s verified bank deposits proving net worth.  The buyer produced all the documents per True North’s demands, but continued to sit and wait for the phone to ring at their hotel.  The buyer sent Tedesco a direct email with its Letter of Intent and verified bank deposits showing the available cash to purchase the property.  Despite all this good faith by the Chinese, Mr. Tedesco showed no respect for his special trip to meet with him, and the buyer had to fly back to China in two days without ever hearing anything from True North.

It is a pity that True North covers up these facts, keeping them from the public, his associates, the Arizona Republic and Rose Law group, and whoever is still stating “Where is the money, or show me the money.”   

We want to share all the facts and evidence:  

1.  On Wednesday, October 24, 2017, after waiting most of the day for some word from the investment banker, a representative of the Chinese buyer asked the following of Councilman Sal DiCiccio’s office: “Do you think there will be a meeting today?” Answer, “At this time, I rather doubt it.” In a last ditch effort to “Show the Money” the representative of the buyer said via text: “Can you call them to confirm? …really would like to meet Mr. Tedesco, and he can deposit the 1 million today.” “Will do,” said the councilman’s office. That was the last words heard.  As for the disrespectful manner in which this businessman was treated by True North, one text from the Councilman’s office sums it up: “This is B.S.,” they said. 

The Chinese Community and its media advisor Tom Simon presented to the newspaper reporter Abe Kwok many of these facts during an in-person meeting on October 26th, however, the truth was again ignored, and Kwok’s article on the very next day still asked: “Where is the money?”   Kwok published an opinion letter in which he continued to push the narrative  that the Chinese cannot come up with the money and have not exhibited the good faith to purchase it.   This is unbelievable to all the Chinese community as True North continues to mislead the public?  What is the agenda behind your untruths? 

With these hard facts, the Chinese Community is now asking Rose Law Group and the Arizona Republic to be constructive, not destructive, and, therefore help facilitate the purchase.  We are transparent and happy to share with you the bank verified funds, and the Letter of Intent.

2.      Where is the private property rights for the Chinese owner and Chinese Cultural Center?

Much has been said about property rights as they relate to the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center and the saving of the property, however, no one is mentioning that the Center is a condominium property, and there exist a Chines owner whose property rights is totally forgotten.

The American Constitution protects all citizens, and so far the paper, the lawyers and even the city, have taken the view that the Chinese Cultural Center private property rights only belong to True North, as if he were the sole owner of the property.  HE IS NOT!  The mere fact that True North neglected and violated the property rights of his co-owner, Szechwan Palace Restaurant, resulted in the Investment Banker being hauled into court and the issuance of a Temporary Restraining Order against him.  However, this fact is covered by True North’s lawyer, the Arizona Republic and the city. 

What’s more, in the dispute involving whether to destroy or save the Chinese Cultural Center, we have forgotten some very basic principles, like social responsibility and fair and honest dealing with the community.  While one private property owner, Szechwan Palace Restaurant, is totally ignored, even though he clearly has property rights under Prop. 207,  the Chinese Americans are accused of not having good faith, in spite of the fact that the community is volunteering its time and donating their money to save the Center, not just for themselves but for all of Arizona and America.  The drive to Save the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center is above all an honest and sincere effort to protect culture and history.

It is very sad to see that the newspaper has taken statements by the investment banker at face value, without sufficient vetting. Out of concern that the careful reader may not understand the actual situation, we have compiled a response to the articles and misconceptions in the public space by those who would suggest that destroying the Center is somehow their right and a good thing for the community at large.

Please note that as of today, what has been published by the Arizona Republic and Rose Law Group could be nothing further from the truth.  We want to announce to all of the readers that Chinese Americans in Phoenix metro represent a significant percentage of business ownership. Operating many small businesses, including restaurants, hotels, shopping centers and countless other service oriented businesses in the community. The Chinese contribution to the economic engine of Arizona is unquestioned. Despite this, the Arizona Republic, through its “Asian” columnist Abe Kwok, has repeatedly attacked the veracity of the Chinese Americans seeking to purchase the property, chiding them with catchy phrases like “Save the Cultural Center by saying: “Shouldn’t it be one first?”

We hope the above facts provide enough evidence to counter the newspaper’s most recent article, in which its reporter Kwok disrespects the Chinese Community by taunting them to “Show the Money.”   This journalist, who admits he has “no business experience whatsoever,” effectively does the bidding of Investment Banker David Tedesco by stating that the he has rebuffed two earlier offers from the community because “there was no real demonstration of who the prospective buyers are and their proof of funds.” The reality is that neither Mr. Tedesco nor Mr. Kwok have demonstrated the seriousness needed to proceed with a win-win solution to this problem.
True North is using the newspaper and his own lawyer to make a big deal of proposition 207, the property rights law, but we adhere to a higher law. To David Tedesco, True North, Pump It Up and Realty Executives, all Companies owned and controlled by David Tedesco, we remind you of the words of Martin Luther King who passed away decades ago but whose idea of social responsibility and Socially Responsible Investing is fresh on our mind at this writing. He said: “We don’t have to argue with anybody. We don’t have to curse and go around acting bad with our words. We don’t need any bricks and bottles, we don’t need any Molotov cocktails, we just need to go around to these stores, and to these massive industries in our country, and say...Make the first item on your agenda—fair treatment, where God’s children are concerned. Now, if you are not prepared to do that, we do have an agenda that we must follow. And our agenda calls for withdrawing economic support from you.” (Martin Luther King Jr.)

The Chinese Community sincerely hopes that this press release clears up the biased reporting and misunderstanding created by True North.  We are hopeful the Arizona Republic and the Rose Law Group are now equipped with the truth…we have a real buyer, with real money, and would advise Truth North to sit down at the table to deal with the Chinese Community to Save the Chinese Cultural Center and preserve American value and cultural diversity for this community and all future generations.

For further information: 480-758-2863

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Chinese Americans in Cultural Center Case Win Ruling in Domain Ownership Decision




Retired Judge rules that 668 North LLC, owned by Investment Banker David Tedesco, attempted to Reverse Hijack a Website owned by Chinese Preservationists.  ( 

Phoenix, Arizona—January 2, 2018:  In another big win for Chinese-Americans attempting to save the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center, a retired judge has issued a ruling that 658 North LLC, owned by Investment Banker David Tedesco, Attempted to Reverse Hijack a Website owned by Chinese Preservationists.  ( 

Another victory for honest Chinese-Americans fighting to Save the Chinese Cultural Center in Phoenix.  


Concerned Chinese-Americans purchased and built a website at: Shortly thereafter, True North and 668 North LLC, the Company owned by Investment Banker David Tedesco, filed a complaint (UDRP) at the National Arbitration Forum, seeking to hijack the website by forcing the legitimate Chinese-American owner to turn the domain name over to them.  Good news, the retired judge who heard the case ruled against True North, 668 North and David Tedesco on all three of their claims.  In fact, it was found that Tedesco and his company was acting in bad faith and was attempting to illegally “reverse hijack” the site.  The judge ruled that we did nothing wrong and that the legitimate owner can continue to own and operate   Another win for the people who are fighting for  culture and history.  Congratulations!  (The full ruling is below)


A Three-Judge Panel of the Arizona  Appeals Court has Issued a Stay in the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center Case

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A Three-Judge Panel of the Arizona Appeals Court has Issued a Stay in the Chinese Cultural Center Case.  The Ruling Prevents a Planned Removal of the Iconic Chinese Roof and Exterior Chinese Elements by Investment Banker David Tedesco and His Company 668 North While the Appeals Court Considers Arguments by Lawyers for The Szechwan Palace Restaurant to Overturn an Earlier Lower Court Order.


For Immediate Release
Simon Public Relations

December 27, 2018–Phoenix, AZ:  In a post-Christmas gift to the Phoenix Asian-American Community, the Arizona Appeals Court has stayed two lower court orders by Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Randall Warner.  Left unchecked, the rulings would have allowed Investment Banker David Tedesco to move ahead with the removal of the roof and exterior Chinese elements of the Chinese Cultural Center as early as Wednesday, January 3, 2018.  This Order by the Court of Appeals halts any destruction of the property for the Immediate future.

“We argued that the Judge in the case has misinterpreted the law and by its ruling has deprived the Appeals Court of its oversight role in the court system,” said Szechwan Palace Restaurant Attorney Jack Wilenchik.  “For the moment, the Court Order prevents 668 North from destroying the exterior of the Center.  It’s a big win for those who care about history and culture,” Wilenchik added.

The Arizona Court of Appeals has Ordered David Tedesco and 668 North to file a reply to the motion to stay by January 9, 2018.  Meanwhile, the Appeals Court Panel stayed Superior Court Judge Randall Warner’s December 1, 2017 and December 20, 2017 rulings, which otherwise would have cleared the way for the destruction of the Chinese Cultural Center.  

This is a big fat Christmas and New Year’s gift to all members of the Asian-American community,” said Thomas Simon, Spokesman for the Szechwan Palace Restaurant.  “Enjoy the New Year,” added Simon, “The fight to Save the Chinese Cultural Center goes on,” he said.

For further information:  

Press Release: Appeals Court Stays Judges Order Which would Have Allowed Investment Banker to Destroy Iconic Roof at Chinese Cultural Center


Press Release
December 8, 2017
For Immediate Release

Appeals Court Stays Judges Order Which would Have Allowed Investment Banker to Destroy Iconic Roof at Chinese Cultural Center

PHOENIX:   The Arizona Apppeals court has stayed a Superior Court Judges order which would have allowed investment banker David Tedesco  to destroy the iconic roof at the Chinese cultural center as early as Monday.

Lawyers for the Szechwan Palace Restaurant filed an emergency appeal asking for the stay Friday morning and in a two page decision the Court ordered the earlier ruling stayed until the Superior Court Judge Randall Warner can consider arguments for a bond pending the appeal.

For more information:  Attorney Jack Wilenchik:  602- 475-6453

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Press Release: The Szechwan Palace Restaurant Files a Motion to Reconsider with the Maricopa County Court

For Immediate Release

Date: December 1, 2017



Motion to Reconsider in the Chinese Cultural Center TRO case filed tonight.  The owner of the Szechwan Palace Restaurant fights back by filing a Motion to Reconsider with the same court that ruled against it earlier today.

In the filing the restaurant claims the Court erred in failing to recognize that destruction of the iconic roof and garden at the Center interferes with the restaurants right to do business.

The ruling earlier today calls for ending the Temporary Restraining Order protecting the roof, garden and Chinese elements at the Center.  If the Court fails to change its position the TRO will cease on December 11, 2017, paving the way for the Center to be demolished.

This is the first response from the restaurant since this morning’s ruling.  They are prepared to go to the Arizona Appellate Court for relief shout the lower Court refuse to reverse itself.

For more information: 480-758-2863

Judge Rules on Chinese Cultural Center


Judge Rules on Chinese Cultural Center

For immediate release: 
December 1, 2017

The owner of the Szechwan Palace Restaurant to appeal Judge Randall Warner’s decision to lift the Temporary Restraining Order protecting the iconic roof, garden and Chinese elements of the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center.  

“We are preparing a Motion to Reconsider for Judge Randall and a Special Action Appeal to the Arizona Appellate Court,” says the restaurant Attorney Jack Wilenchik.  “We believe the court got it wrong by ruling that 668 North is not interfering with my clients business by driving away customers and causing it to lose money,” said Wilenchik.

The Szechwan Palace Restaurant was awarded a Temporary Restraining Order on Wednesday, September 28, 2017, preventing 668 from replacing the iconic Chinese roof tiles, relocating the Prayer Garden or from making any other changes to the exterior of the buildings.  The judges Order today calls for those restrictions to be lifted as of 5:00 PM, December 11, 2017 unless the Arizona Appeals Court elects to stay the ruling.

“The battle to save the Chinese Cultural Center continues,” says Thomas Simon Spokesman for the restaurant.  “The people who love culture and history understand that wars are won by perseverance...we will not give up,” he said.

For further information: 480-758-2863

PRESS RELEASE:  Final Witnesses & Arguments in Restraining Order Hearing Chinese Cultural Center                    

Press Release 

Today, Tuesday 9:30 AM, November 28, 2017

For immediate release: 


The judge in the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center case will hear testimony and final arguments today in the Restraining Order hearing between the two owners of the Center. The Szechwan Palace Restaurant was awarded a Temporary Restraining Order on Wednesday, September 28, 2017, preventing True North from replacing the iconic Chinese roof tiles, relocating the Prayer Garden or from making any other changes to the exterior of the buildings.  

At issue in this hearing is whether the Court will make the Restraining Order a Permanent Order, which will prevent True North from destroying the Chinese elements at the Center or whether the judge will lift his September order and allow True North to continue its planned demolition of the Chinese Cultural Center.

The hearing will begin at 9:30 AM in Maricopa County Superior Court.   The fate of the cultural center is in the balance.

Who:  Szechwan Palace Restaurant, Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center and Garden

What:  TRO Hearing Chinese Cultural Center, Szechwan Palace Restaurant v. True North, 668 North, David and Gemma Tedesco

When: 9:30 AM, Tuesday, November 28, 2017.

Where:  Maricopa County Superior Court, Judge Randall Warner’s Court, Room 912 on the 9th Floor of the East Court Building, 101 W Jefferson St, Phoenix, AZ 85003

For further information: 480-758-2863

March this Morning to City Hall Chambers as Preservationists Call for City Council to Cancel Permit to Destroy Iconic Chinese Roof

Press Release

Szechwan Palace Restaurant
Chinese Cultural Center and Garden
March this Morning to City Hall Chambers as Preservationists Call for City Council to Cancel Permit to Destroy Iconic Chinese Roof 

For Immediate Release
Contact:  480-758-2863

November 15, 2017–Preservationists working to preserve the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center will march from the Center to City Hall Chambers today at 11AM as they call for City Council to cancel their issuance of a permit they recently issued to True North Company.  

The marchers will leave from the Szechwan Palace Restaurant at the Center at 11AM on Wednesday, November 15.  They will walk down 44th Street to Washington where they will board the light rail towards downtown Phoenix. Taking the train is significant because during the late 1870s and 1880s, the first Chinese immigrants to Phoenix, mostly laborers who were brought to the state, came for the back-breaking job of laying down railroad tracks in the desert, and they settled around First and Adams streets. 

The Chinese Americans who march plan to head to City Council Chambers this afternoon to call for the city to recall the permit.  The preservationists believe the city attorney mistakenly issued the permit to True North Company who owns some of the condo units at the property but not all.  Szechwan Palace Restaurant also owns the property and objects to the proposed demolition of the Chinese elements at the Center.  It is the restaurant’s position that issuing a permit to an owner of some condo units is improper as it favors one owner over the other.  The only entity which can legally request a permit, the restaurant believes, is the condominium association.  

So far, a judge in State Court has sided with the restaurant, issuing a Temporary Restraining Order barring True North from taking down the roof, destroying any of the exterior Chinese elements or making any changes to the religious Chinese garden at the property.  A hearing in that case is set for this Friday to determine the status of that Temporary Restraining Order.

What:  March from Chinese Cultural Center

Who:  Preservationists who want the city council to recall issued permit which would allow destruction of iconic Chinese roof

When:  11AM Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Where:  Chinese Cultural Center - Szechwan Palace Restaurant 

Further information:  480-758-2863

Press Release: Bomb squad came to Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center on Nov 12

Press Release

Szechwan Palace Restaurant
Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center and Garden

For Immediate Release
Contact:  480-758-2863

WeChat Image_20171113151900.jpg

November 13, 2017–Customers at the Szechwan Palace Restaurant, located at the Chinese Cultural Center and Garden, were evacuated last night shortly after 9:00 PM when a suspicious item was found outside the restaurant’s entrance.  Police taped off the Center and temporarily closed it while they investigated what turned out to be two oxygen tanks and medical-style masks left on the sidewalk about fifty feet from the restaurant entrance.  The bomb squad was called to investigate and the Center was eventually reopened after the “all clear” sign was given about 10:45 PM.

Police were called after the oxygen tanks were found in a place they should not have been—in the middle of the sidewalk for no obvious  reason. The restaurant owners are on heightened alert due to recent unsubstantiated reports of criminal activity at the Center by True North, owner of 97 lots at the property—Szechwan Palace owns the rest.


“True North has made unverified  claims of criminal activity at the Center to support their aggressive fencing of the property.  They have, however, failed to cite any police reports to support those claims,” said Thomas Simon, Spokesman for Szechwan Palace Restaurant.  “By making  public statements about alleged criminal activity, without any proof, to score points in a highly publicized court battle, True North creates an atmosphere which is extremely charged.  Therefore, Szechwan Palace, out of abundance of caution, must do the responsible thing and call authorities whenever there is a possibility of risk to its staff or patrons,” Simon added.  

As the Chinese Cultural Center continues to be open for business daily, we remind True North and COFCO management of their fiduciary duties to both the Master Association and the Condominium Association.  

Though safety and security should be their primary concern, they have launched a campaign to make it appear that the Center has closed.  They have had to be repeatedly reminded to turn the parking lights on after dark.  The premature announcement on Google and Yelp that the Center is “permanently closed,” along with the aggressive fencing, lining up of large unlocked dumpsters in the front of the Center, the eviction of the anchor store and the removal of signage from the property all add to their narrative that we are not open for business.


The Chinese Cultural Center has been a safe-haven in Phoenix for the last twenty years.  This mismanagement hurts business, attracts vagrants and homeless to the area, and can only lead to more situations like last night where we have to interrupt our daily lives to maintain safety and security, compromised by a partial owner of the property who attempts to float the narrative that the Center is closed and unsafe.

Szechwan Palace Restaurant reminds the community that the Chinese Cultural Center is open for business.  As owner of the property itself, the Restaurant will maintain a safe, secure and customer friendly environment for all its customers.

For further information:  

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Press Release: Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center has the same treasured glazed roof tiles as the Forbidden city


Press Release

For Immediate Release
Wednesday, November 8, 2017
Contact:  Arizona Foundation of Chinese Religious Rights

Phoenix, AZ-- After President Trump visited the Forbidden City in Beijing and tweeted about it, local Chinese Americans in Phoenix Arizona are calling on him visit here  and to help save the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center.   The world has now seen the wonderful craftsmanship used to build both the Forbidden City in Beijing and the Chinese cultural Center in Phoenix. Now that the President of the United States has seen the Forbidden City firsthand, Chinese Americans will stand before the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center today at 4:30 PM and ask the President to come to Phoenix and show support for the effort to save the Garden and Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center. 
"How ironic that on the same week our President visits the Forbidden City in China our City officials issue a permit to demolish the inside of the Chinese Cultural Center here at home," said Jonathan Frutkin of Radix Law, who represents the  Arizona foundation for Chinese Religious Rights. 

President Donald Trump on Wednesday tweeted that he had an unforgettable experience at the Forbidden City in Beijing and expressed his appreciation to President Xi Jinping and Madame Peng Liyuan.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan  invited US president Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump to the palace museum, also known as the Forbidden City, after the US president started his state visit to China on Wednesday afternoon. During the tour, Xi briefed the visiting couple on the history, architecture and culture of the museum, noting its importance to Chinese history and culture. Xi said that “Chinese civilization is a unique lasting culture in the world that passed down through generations consistently.” Xi added, “We call ourselves descendants of dragons"


Why is the Forbidden City so important?  The Forbidden City was home to China’s royal families for 500 years, from 1420 to 1912. Today, it is a house for more than 1.8 million historical artifacts. The Palace Museum has a team of specialists working to protect all these valuable items, and the Imperial Palace Heritage Conservation Center, informally called the “Relic Hospital”, opened in the grounds in 2016. 


Outside the museum on Wednesday the President spoke to his Chinese counterpart about history and how important it is. Trump noted that only the Egyption's had a longer history, 8000 years, then the Chinese. Now that he has seen the Forbidden City, it is the sincere hope of Arizona  Chinese Americans that the President will visit here in Phoenix to see the same workmanship by the same family of artisans in our country. They will meet today at  the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center to formally invite the President and Mrs. Trump to come to Arizona to see the same craftsmanship and help preserve the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center.


When:  Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Time:  4:30 PM

Where:  Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center 668 North 44th Street, Phoenix, AZ

Further Info.:  480-758-2863


Press release: Invitation to President Trump to visit Phoenix to save Chinese Cultural Center

Press Release 

For Immediate Release

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

For More Information:  480-758-2863

Arizona Foundation of Chinese Religious Rights

Phoenix, Arizona—At a Press Conference in front of Szechwan Palace Restaurant at the Chinese Cultural, Attorney Jonathan Frutkin of Radix Law announced that the Arizona Foundation of Chinese Religious Rights has sent a letter to President Trump inviting him to visit Phoenix.  (See pdf)

In the letter, the Foundation pointed out that the same family that built the iconic roof tiles at the Forbidden City built the tiles of the roof at the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center.  

The community expects to hear something back from the administration when Trump returns from his Asian trip.


Supporting the preservation of Chinese Cultural Center in Phoenix, Arizona from Chinese American Alliance


Chinese American Alliance (CAA), a nationwide organization striving to foster dialogue and ensure fair opportunities among all Americans, today expresses deep concern about the Phoenix Chinese Cultural in the face of demolition.

The Chinese Cultural Center represents a unique and cohesive craftmanship which is almost extinct nowadays. This Chinese classic building compound was designed and made in parts in China by top class architect with the original building technique used in building the Forbidden City in Beijing. After shipping to U.S. by parts, the building was assembled by workers from both countries.

This building of itself and the forming process is a true symbol of cross culture dialogue. Despite the opposing voice and multiple protests from local Chinese Americans, this classic and artistic Chinese culture center may soon be demolished by the misfortune of irreparable regret.

We, CAA now call on all our allied organizations, civil societies and everyone who value the diversity of this great nation to support the efforts of local Chinese Americans and to protect the Cultural Center. We will work hand-in-hand together in this fight.


Chuck Li, President of CAA

Chinese American Alliance website:



City of Phoenix Mistakenly Approves Permit for True North to Replace Iconic Chinese Roof and Art Elements Atop Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center

Press Release

For Immediate Release
November 1, 2017


WeChat Image_20171101211151.jpg

Phoenix, AZ—The City of Phoenix has mistakenly issued a permit to True North Company the owner of Realty Executives allowing them to replace the iconic Chinese Roof and art elements that sit atop the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center.  The permit was issued Tuesday, October 31, 2017 by the City Planning Department, despite objections from the other owner of the Center and despite the fact that a Maricopa County Superior Court Judge has issued a Temporary Restraining Order preventing True North and its subsidiaries from making any changes to the roof, exterior of the building or the Prayer garden.

Szechwan Palace Restaurant, co-owner of the property at the Chinese Cultural Center, hereby demands that the city rescind its permit approval as it is inappropriate for the city to issue a permit to one land owner when the co-owner of the property objects. In this case, the restaurant does not agree with True North’s attempt to change the Chinese Cultural Center roof or to replace the artwork on top the roof. As a co-owner of the property, Szechwan Palace Restaurant demands that the city and its Planning department must take into consideration all the owners wishes on this matter. 

Additionally, since the Superior Court of Maricopa county has issued a Temporary Restraining Order preventing any alteration of the outside of the center in favor of the restaurants position, the city faces legal  ramifications by issuing this permit and ignoring the court order. 

The Chinese Cultural Center is a commercial condominium association, True North is only a member of the association, and it shares an undivided interests with other condominium members.  Therefore, if there is anyone to apply any permits for  the changes of the roof, it can not be the partial interests property owner, True North.   (Attached please see the CC&R of the Chinese Cultural Center.)  

The condominium owner has no authority to apply for such a permit.  

The current  tile installed on the Center is called Glazed Clay and True North is proposing to the city to replace it with regular residential tile. The True North application states that it’s reason to do so, is because the Glazed Clay tile roof  is a "20 year old aging roof..." 

The current roof is designed unlike traditional commercial roofs, and is therefore designed to last for over 100 years, outlasting the building life itself.  
True North misstates the condition  of the roof in order to skirt the court order, knowing that their desire to replace the roof and the building would not be approved and less they claim repair as their reason. 

(See below U.S. Department of Interior Website: ( the historical preservation of clay roof tile)

For your additional information, the Center's Roof tile is not only made out of the Clay, but also with a metal material Glaze coating.  All the tiles are baked with over 1000 centigrade temperature, and the  coating will help to prevent the water and weather damage, therefore it is made to last much longer than a “traditional” Roof.  The same tile used on China's Forbidden city has been there for hundreds of years, and for True North to call it a "20 year aging roof", and for the city to agree is a laughing stock and is disrespectful to the public and entire world.

The following is an excerpt from the U.S. Department of Interior website  on the clay roof tile: 

Clay roofing tile itself, when correctly installed, requires little or no maintenance. Often, it is the fastening system used to secure the tiles to the sheathing that fails and needs to be replaced rather than the tiles themselves. In fact, because clay tiles frequently outlasted the building structure,....

So, even the United States Government is using its website to promote the awareness and the preservation qualities of the Clay roof tile.  We call on the City of Phoenix to work with the Chinese community to  do something to help preserve it?

There is not enough said or understood about what is about to be destroyed due to the ignorance of the True North and the relevant city branches.  All who care about human heritage and history are urged preserve the Center's outstanding roof tiles for its residents and all future generations. 

There are many other websites that demonstrate the difference of the Center's roof tile and prove that the iconic tile roof and art can’t accurately be depicted as can not be called as an  "aging 20 year old roof" by True North and Realty Executives:

Again, we demand the permit  issued by the city, which would allow true North and Realty Executives to destroy the iconic Phoenix Chinese cultural Center Roof, be rescinded immediately.   Additionally,  we urge all fair minded individuals to ask themselves what might be the motivation for the city to go against a court restraining order and issue this permit in the first place and what is the motivation for True North and Realty Executives?

For further information: 


Photo Aug 07, 2 18 03 PM.jpg


(A Fact Sheet for the Media)

The Chinese United Association of Greater Phoenix (CUAGP)

For Immediate Release
Further Information: 480-758-2863

The Chinese United Association of Greater Phoenix (CUAGP) wants to clarify many of the items reported on and released by True North Company on the other side of the issue. Whether to preserve the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center has become a hot topic in newsrooms throughout the state and nation. With this in mind, we are unable to respond to every inaccurate charge or statement by the other side. This Fact Sheet will allow us to address some of the issues at the core of the dispute. Should you need further clarification, we are always available by phone or email.

CHINESE CULTURAL CENTER IS NOT A FAILED PROPERTY: True North Company is lying to the public when it says or implies the Chinese Cultural Center has died. True North is trying to bury the Center alive by driving out all the Chinese businesses and eliminating all the Chinese elements at the property. They want to destroy the evidence and history, but they will not succeed.

• The Chinese Cultural Center was a successful project, and despite True North’s efforts to discredit it, many residents still use the restaurants, medical shop and travel agency at the Center, and it remains a unique visitor attraction. A historical and cultural place, visitors come to see the unique rooflines, prayer garden and stone carving elements.

• When built in 1997, the total square footage was 167,000, of which 46% was on the ground floor and designated as retail space. Thirty thousand square feet of the ground floor space was taken up by the anchor store, the grocery store. True North in their press releases authored by Jason Rose admits that at its peak the Center had 46% Chinese tenant occupancy. However, True North and its spokesman Jason Rose distort the truth when referring to these numbers and attempt to make it sound as if the Center was only 46% per cent occupied. Actually 46% occupied by Chinese retail shops represents 100% occupied on the ground floor of the property. (The Center was designed as a mixed-use commercial complex, strategically combining retail shops on the ground floor and office space on the upper floors, one complementing the other. The office space has been largely rented out, and even now, despite the fact that True North refuses to renew leases, it remains at near full occupancy.) Last month alone, several businesses reported to us that they went to the Executive office to request to rent space and they were told that the office area was at near 100% occupancy.

• In an effort to drive the remaining Chinese businesses out, True North has embarked on a campaign to deceive the public into believing that the Center was closed and in fact they repeatedly refer to the property as the “Former Chinese Cultural Center.” (The property remains the Chinese Cultural Center as according to the CC&R’s no name change can be made without a vote of the board, and at this writing no vote has been had.) Despite this fact, True North has caused Google, Yelp and even Trip Advisor to post on their sites that the place is “permanently closed.” The result is that the businesses that rely on social media and web results for traffic are suffering. This active campaign to fool the public into believing that the Chinese Cultural Center is closed in an attempt to drive the remaining Chinese businesses out of the Center must be stopped and True North should be held responsible.

THE PHOENIX CHINESE CULTURAL CENTER IS NOT A REGULAR EVERYDAY COMMERCIAL PROPERTY: Public money was used to arrange and pay for trips to China to help obtain Visas for craft masters. Additional city and state resources were used in the creation of the Center:

• A review of the Declaration of Condominium and Covenants and Restrictions for the Chinese Cultural Center demonstrates that the Center is far from an ordinary property. By looking at several CC&R Sections (10.4, 10.11 and 10.13) one can easily see that under the Master CC&R and specific other guidelines, changes to the roof line, the exterior Chinese elements and the Garden require a public hearing. This is something True North is desperately trying to avoid, so they are attempting to make broad changes by requesting piecemeal permits. So far, the city has refused to be duped by this tactic, and we hope they will continue to view any further permit requests with a skeptical eye, especially while True North is under a Temporary Restraining Order issued by State Court.

• Obtaining Zoning Commitments

• Freeway Signage to Direct Public to the Site

• Participation in Many Public Events and Sponsorships, Including Chinese Week, Sister City Activities, etc.

• Built with the Support of the City and Collaborative Effort of City Employees and the Chinese Community


From the air, from the freeways, from the city streets, on the web, in social media. On radio, newspaper and television, the Center has been recognized as a true landmark and significant demonstration of history, culture and diversity in Arizona:

• In its role in promoting cultural business exchange, the Center is responsible for great economic impact and has promoted city growth. Attracting many Asian businesses to Phoenix, many new immigrants to the city, as well as International Students to ASU. It should be noted that ASU currently enrolls over 4,500 Chinese students each year. These students spend approximately $50,000 in tuition alone, that adds up to $225 million per year. They generate many millions of dollars in rental income, while supporting retail businesses, and they contribute to the tax base, as well. The economic impact in real dollars is billions, not millions. Any damage to the Center will cause the region serious economic harm.

• The Prayer Garden didn’t just happen. In order to obtain the required zoning to construct the Chinese Cultural Center, the developer promised the city and the neighborhood that it would build a Chinese Garden and have the facility open and available for use for public cultural events. For many years, the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center served as the site for the annual Chinese Week, as well as other cultural activities.
• Defining the Center’s purpose as the promotion of ties between the United States and China, the Center was built with the mandate from the city that the Center be used as the hub for Chinese cultural activities. At the Center’s Grand Opening commemorative tokens were issued, announcing to the world that the project was “Dedicated to Promote Sino/U.S. Cultural Understanding-Make Phoenix a Better Place to Live.” This commitment is echoed by the prominent freeway signage used to announce to all drivers the historical nature of the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center as you near the property.

• The Center is a project which cultural, historical, religious, commercial and civic improvement aspects. It has been a joint effort between the city and commerce…an important project designed to promote the cultural exchange between East and West.


True North is using Proposition 207 to hold the city hostage as they attempt to bypass a public hearing in this matter. They use the threat of a 207 lawsuit against the city to then inflate and extort the value of the property in sales negotiations with potential Chinese buyers. They purchased the property in June of this year, less than four months ago, for 10.5 million dollars and they are currently asking for 30 to 40 million dollars. Call it extortion, corporate greed or even down right theft…one thing’s for sure, it is not reasonable:

• True North cannot claim Proposition 207 is applicable since there is no financial damage to them if the property were to keep its Chinese elements, roof tiles and distinctive look.

• True North would have to prove that something the City did in relation to the property decreased the value of the property. This would be a hard claim to support, since the Chinese community has already offered $13 million for the property, just three and a half months after True North paid a reported 10.5 million dollars for it. An increase in value of $2,5 million does not represent a decrease by city hand.

• Additionally, True North cannot make a Prop 207 claim because a prior Land Use Law or Regulation was enacted before Proposition 207 was voted into law. There is no doubt the city would prevail if they argued that the Chinese Cultural Center was built in 1997, some nine years before Prop 207 was enacted. The Center was built under certain conditions and stipulations from the city at that time, therefore exempting the property from 207 conditions.

• But the real reason Prop 207 doesn’t apply is that True North has to prove the city implementation of the Land Use Law has reduced the Fair Market Value of their property. In other words, if the city refuses to allow True North to change and destroy the Chinese elements, in order for the developer to receive Just Compensation from the city, they would have to prove that the city’s actions devalued the property. Considering the $13 million offer from the Chinese Americans, just over 3 months after the $10.5 million purchase, how would True North prove devaluation? Answer: they can’t! In fact, it is very likely that the property is actually worth more as the Chinese Cultural Center than if it were turned into just another modern office building.

True North received a $9,618,000 mortgage for the property. The reported sale price was $10,500,000, which means the out of pocket cash for them in this deal was less than $900,000. True North has purposely deceived the media and public by stating that we have not responded to their ridiculous in the press negotiations. Here’s the efforts we have made thus far to buy back the property:

• The community presented True North two offers: The most recent was 13 million dollars cash, an amount that would give them a pretty good return for their $900,000 investment. Unfortunately, that offer was formally rejected by True North through their legal counsel.

The Chinese American Community are a serious people. We intend to keep up the effort each and every day until the future of the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center is secure. We urge True North and its partners to contact The Chinese United Association of Greater Phoenix directly, not through the media, when you are ready to sit down at the table face to face and sell the property.

For further information: 480-758-2863


Photo Aug 05, 4 05 03 PM.png


On October 6th Friday, a public news report from True North received some attention. The Association has been advised that some observers believe this is an offer of negotiations for the sale of the site of the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center and Garden.

The Association would welcome a clear indication to former Mayor Phil Gordon that the current owner is now interested in selling and desires negotiations, which of course will not be conducted in public.

Apparently some clarifications are needed regarding certain comments or views being expressed or circulating in the public.

First, when the Association is assured that sale is offered and it is possible to commence negotiations, the Association is willing to consider a gesture of good faith such as an escrow account for the $13 million suggested in our second Letter of Intent which was rejected. To doubt that the Chinese community can readily proceed to a purchase is of course intended to disparage. When the new owner is serious and sincere about selling, we will be quite ready.

Second, that $13 million is the maximum amount and, furthermore, it is likely to diminish. The purchase by True North was on an as is basis; our purchase would of course be the same. If the supermarket space has been damaged, as is requires an appropriate adjustment.

Third, business and legal expenses naturally rise until sale is offered and negotiations get underway. Naturally these are borne respectively.

Fourth, some have wondered if there might be legal implications from the Proposition 207 language. A notion seems to be held by the new owner that his desired elimination of the Chinese Cultural Center will cause his FUTURE value in the site to rise $30 million, as expressed from the very first personal contact. The clear intent of Proposition 207 is to deter government and public authority from diminishing CURRENT and ACTUAL value of private property, presumably documentable.

In effect, the Chinese community is being asked to pay for PIE IN THE SKY; the City is being threatened for any possible diminution of such a PIE. The site is as it is; nothing else is of interest to any sane buyer.

For more information:

P.O. Box 40413, PHOENIX, ARIZONA 85067-3423

Super L Market Sues True North and its publicist Jason Rose for defamation and making false statements.

For Immediate Release

October 4, 2017

Phoenix, AZ: After making several false statements to the media regarding the financial well-being of the supermarket located in the Chinese Cultural Center, Publicist Jason Rose has been sued by one of his victims. The attorney for Charlie Lai, the owner of Super L Ranch Market filed suit today in Maricopa County Superior Court (see attached).

In August of this year, the new owners of the Center, True North, evicted the grocery store, which had been located at the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center for many years. The lawsuit accuses Jason Rose, the publicist for True North, of repeatedly and falsely claiming in press releases and media interviews that the store had to file bankruptcy and was $100,000 behind in rent when it was evicted, when in fact the store had never filed bankruptcy and was fully current on its rent, and had been for many years.

The lawsuit says that Mr. Rose made the statements to make it look like the store was evicted because it was failing, but that in reality True North evicted the store because it wants to turn the center into its new headquarters. “These false statements about Mr. Lai's business have been carried in local and even international news stories, damaging the reputation of both Mr. Lai and his business," stated Jack Wilenchik, attorney for the store. The lawsuit claims the statements have caused the stores suppliers to refuse credit terms, and led customers to believe that the store will be closing down. The lawsuit asks for punitive damages against Mr. Rose and True North.

True North, the parent company of Realty Executives, is also being sued on one count which alleges that close to $500,000 worth of equipment was taken from the grocery store after it was evicted from its Chinese Cultural Center location in August of this year.

For further information:


Photo Aug 07, 2 21 08 PM.jpg


For Immediate Release
Chinese United Association of Greater Phoenix
Contact for further information:
Press Release September 20, 2017


Phoenix, AZ, September 20, 2017: The Chinese United Association of Greater Phoenix and all its affiliate organizations which participated in the design, construction, donation and development of the Chinese Cultural Center, hereby publish the following information regarding the significance and irreplaceable value of the Chinese Cultural Center. The True North Company has incorrectly stated that we could easily move the Chinese Cultural Center to another location. This is a false narrative, and this writing will help the careful reader understand that RELOCATION = DEMOLITION.

The Chinese Cultural Center was built as a joint effort among the developer, Arizona state government, Phoenix city government, and the Chinese American community. It is undoubtedly a landmark for Phoenix and Arizona. It can be seen from the air, from the freeway and by its city gateway. The Center has become a truly cultural and educational icon…not just for the local Chinese American community, but for all within the State, as well. It has indeed become one of the top tourist attractions in Arizona, and it has become known, thanks to the internet, to millions around the world. It is our humble opinion that it would be highly insensitive and irresponsible to destroy and demolish the Center under the name of redevelopment…a tragedy of nationwide significance if it were to be eliminated and moved from its current location.

1. Buildings of the Chinese Cultural Center and its Garden are inseparable as they are Yin Yang balanced. The principles of balance and harmony embodied and shown on the grounds of the Center with the Yin Yang symbol, were further enhanced by the analysis of the Fengshui for the Center and Garden, to ensure that all the forces of nature would flow properly. Any change of its original design, therefore, will result in damage to the great architectural wisdom used in the Center’s construction and, according to custom, could bring “bad luck” that should be avoided.

The Chinese classic architecture used in the design and building of the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center, with its adjacent garden as a whole, is very unique and has without question achieved the status of an architectural masterpiece. Each and every Chinese element used in the building process of the property, including the iconic garden, was designed by the same architect that designed the Ming Garden located at the Metropolitan Museum of New York. The design of the garden was a clever collection of the finest classic gardens from five (5) ancient cities famous for their classic Chinese gardens. This point was succinctly made by the Center’s Chinese architect Madam Ye in a recent letter she penned to the Phoenix City Council:

“The main building structure and the garden in the foreground complement and echo each other, thus harmoniously making them an inseparable whole. Removing any one of these elements would result in losing its distinct and noble characteristics.”

She goes on to say, “The building structure and the garden together give people a multi-dimensional visual experience with the contrast of the grandiose main building and the intricate garden pavilions. Because of the clever combination of the garden and its adjacent building, the Center presents multiple sub-sceneries of separate mini-gardens that changes scenes as you walk along the pass-way. The scenery changes with each moving step, showing the mini-scenery with a total picture presentation, while the whole view contains so many micro details for appreciation. The Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center as a whole is a truly unique cultural art piece that showcases cultural and classic Chinese architecture and cultural elements in its entirety.”

All pavilions, arches and galleries in the iconic garden are the exact replicas of an original found in China, several of which are now designated by the United Nations as a “World Heritage” site and therefore are no longer allowed to be replicated, thus making this garden of ours the only one of its kind in the world outside China. More importantly, the materials used, including the roof tiles, the granite used for the statues and column base, river stones for the garden floor, the paved pathways and the wood used in the garden structures, etc. are in tremendous demand in China, resulting in them becoming prohibited from being exported any longer. Most of all, the ancient technique of the wood structure construction (itself a United Nations designated World Intangible Heritage of Humanity) was used to construct all the pavilions and galleries with the interconnection of each piece like a jigsaw puzzle. NOT ONE NAIL WAS USED TO PUT IT TOGETHER. The structures built with this puzzle-like technique are so delicate that to relocate them will result in the destruction of the structures.

2. The Chinese Cultural Center was built by Masters with Chinese traditional architecture and craftmanship as classified by the United Nations World Heritage Center (UNESCO) as Intangible World Heritage. Any attempt to disassemble and relocate such a designated masterpiece would in fact be destroying a masterpiece of human civilization.

All the pieces with Chinese elements in the Center were first prefabricated in China by hand, transported to Phoenix and installed in the U.S. by over one-hundred (100) famous Fragrant Hill Group Craft masters. (Fragrant Hills Park is an imperial garden at the foot of the Western Mountains in the Haidian District, located in the northwestern part of Beijing, China. The park was built in 1186.)

The masters are so special in their traditional classical skills that twelve (12) years after they built the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center their classical technique used in the Center’s design was designated by the United Nations as an Intangible World Heritage in 2009. As of today, all of their work, is viewed as art that is of museum quality. In fact, they are the same group that built the famous Ming Garden Court at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Their ancestors built many famous and historical sites, including the Chinese Imperial Palace in Beijing, known to the world as The Forbidden City. Today, with their international recognition, coupled with the fact that most of them are old or have passed away, anything they build or have built is considered a national architectural treasure.

The proposition by the developer that one can simply relocate such delicate masterpieces demonstrates an ignorance and lack of appreciation of art, and it is totally disrespectful to the masters who have created those pieces using their unique skills which has taken a lifetime to develop. Additionally, once taken down, the architecture will never have the same value and any attempt to deconstruct and relocate those handmade art pieces represents a destruction of human architectural heritage and assets.

UNESCO has described this Intangible World Heritage this way:

“Standing as distinctive symbols of Chinese architectural culture, timber-framed structures are found throughout the country. The wooden components such as the columns, beams, purlins, lintel and bracket sets are connected by tenon joints in a flexible, earthquake resistant way. The surprisingly strong frames can be installed quickly at the building site by assembling components manufactured in advance. In addition to this structural carpentry, the architectural craft also encompasses decorative woodworking, tile roofing, stone work, decorative painting and other arts passed down from masters to apprentices and via verbal and other practical instruction. Each phase of the construction procedure demonstrates its unique and systemic methods and skills. Employed today mainly in the construction of structures, in the traditional style and in restoring ancient timber-framed buildings, Chinese traditional architectural craftmanship for timber-framed structures embodies a heritage of wisdom and craftmanship and reflects an inherited understanding of nature and interpersonal relationships in traditional Chinese society. For the carpenters and artisans who preserve this architectural style, and for the people who have lived in and among the spaces defined by it for generations, it has become a central visual component of Chinese identity and an important representative of Asian architecture.”…/chinese-traditional-architectural-craftman…


3. The Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center was built with precious, special and traditional Chinese materials. Once removed and taken down, they can never be replaced or repaired.

All materials used in the building of the Center are precious now as the supply of them has dwindled. The wood used was cured and weathered outside for more than fifty (50) years. The stone used comes from the precious and protected Gold Mountain which was reserved only for the Imperial families and those most well-known persons in China. The stone is protected now by the Chinese government and due to its rarity, its use is prohibited. The roof tiles were made from special clay which no longer exists. The hand-made production of these tiles has been replaced by machine fabrication and the Royal Kiln that made those tiles is no longer in service.

As for the tiles themselves, over 1 million golden and blue gazed roof tiles were picked from the 4 million that were produced for this project. Thus, any attempt to remove these tiles will result in the destruction of them.

Observe, please, another paragraph from Madam Ye’s Letter:

“Since the garden was built in the traditional way to only use old classical material, and those older materials are now exhausted given the demand for them domestically. The stone, steles, statues and monuments in the Garden of Harmony are made with stones from Suzhou’s Gold Mountain quarry, and today that mountain is protected, and so taking any stone from there is forbidden. The Liu Li (glazed) colored roof tiles for the building and for the Garden of Harmony today are all precious and cannot be replicated, as mass-produced materials and mass production are used today. As such, any future material anyone can find cannot compare with the materials and small kiln techniques used here twenty (20) years ago.”

Madam Ye goes on to say, “, the glazed roof tiles were reserved only for the use of the Royals and the golden colored glazed tiles were used only for the Imperial structures, such as those used in the three (3) magnificent ceremonial halls of the Forbidden City. The use of golden glazed roof tile by any common people would have resulted in capital punishment. It is only in modern times that this class restriction has been abolished allowing for this golden glazed roof tile to be installed as classic art for other buildings. The Sea figurines and Beasts on top of all four (4) corners of the rooflines were of architectural tradition based on ancient fables that these Sea figurines and Beasts had the power to protect the building from fire disaster.”

We noticed in the press release put out by True North that they indicate a desire to simply remove the roof tiles from the building. Please be aware, those tiles each have a hand-drilled hole in them, placed there before being placed on the roof. They are interconnected by steel wire ties, thus ensuring quality and durability and construction designed to last for hundreds of years. Any attempt to remove any piece of pavilion or tile will result in demolishing them.

(For additional information regarding the making of those tiles, please visit the links below:)…/%E5%BE%A1%E7%AA%91%E9%87%…/6835571…/C10391/65d10afe6ca0474eb74d9ececacf43c7


4. The Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center is not just a place to show the diversity of American values…it is a treasure of culture and history. All residents of Arizona have a responsibility to preserve it for our future generations. This includes True North.

While we appreciate True North’s stated intention to preserve some of the artifacts in different locations, it should be obvious that such a good intention is in fact leading to permanent damage. It means destruction to this great masterpiece…the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center. It is also obvious that True North lacks the understanding of what the Center means to culture and history in Arizona. By suggesting that they have the answer and the answer is to simply move the Center to a location of “their” choosing, True North demonstrates disrespect for the Chinese American community while at the same time failing to appreciate this valuable asset and what it means to Phoenix and, in fact, Arizona and the world.

We strongly encourage True North to think deeply of all that we have said in this writing. Study it, meditate on it. Once you have done this, communicate with the Chinese American community, with the City and others concerned about history and culture. Please do this before engaging in any further attempts to relocate or remove any cultural and historical elements of the Chinese Cultural Center.

The Chinese community is ready to provide financial compensation to buy back the Chinese Cultural Center which will result in a financial windfall to True North of some 3 million dollars. The result will be a win-win-win situation. True North will make a substantial financial gain in three months’ time. The Chinese Cultural Center will be preserved for the public good. The Chinese American community and all Phoenix residents will once again have a Cultural Center in which they can celebrate cultural diversity, while protecting this masterpiece from disappearing as a Phoenix landmark. And finally, the City will be viewed as a lover of culture, lover of history and lover of the Chinese Americans. This, rather than being viewed as the city which allowed the destruction of its China Town for the third time resulting in an image of a city that is anti-culture, anti-history and anti-Chinese.

The Chinese United Association of Greater Phoenix (CUAGP) sincerely hopes that with this information, the City of Phoenix and its residents will act swiftly to support the Chinese American community in its effort to save this beautiful treasure for our city, state and country.

Protection and preservation of the Center in its current location will result in the safeguarding of our history and culture…the history and culture of all of us and our future generations.